ALAC Will Protect Women And Children In Arkansas

Fellow kafirs, Arkansas American Laws for American Courts (HB 1041) needs your help to become law. Please contact Governor Hutchinson with phone calls or emails. You can leave him a recorded message at: 501-682-2345 from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm each weekday or you can send him an email to his executive assistant at the […]

Great Britain's Leaders Cower Under Islamic Terrorism

Fellow kafirs, Winston Churchill is rolling over in his grave.  Prime Minister Theresa May is doing the old sidestep in an effort to make sure the latest Islamic terrorist attack is not blamed on the Muslim world. We can’t have that now!  The politicians are cowering in their boots. This is terrible! Check out what […]

Sample Emails And/Or Talking Points

Fellow kafirs, We have the chance to forever free Arkansans from the effects of the insidious intrusion of foreign laws into our state’s legal proceedings. American Laws for American Courts (HB 1041) simply means all judicial proceedings in Arkansas will be subject only to the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Arkansas. You can leave […]

Governor Hutchinson: Sharia Law Protections "Unnecessary"

Fellow kafirs, The following letter to the editor recently appeared in the Jonesboro Sun. (Documentation is included at the end of the letter). Note that one of the things that the writer points out is that Governor Asa Hutchinson thinks that Arkansas does not need protection from Sharia law. Really?   He needs to wake up! […]

The Rising Tide Of Jew Hatred

Fellow kafirs, The following letter to the editor – written by ACT for America chapter leader Robert Norvell – appeared in the March 8, 2017 edition of the Jonesboro Sun – Burkasrugly In the first two months of 2017 there have been over 70 bomb threats against Jewish synagogues and community centers. In addition Jewish […]

House Warming Party!

Fellow Kafirs, The following blog was Posted on March 2, 2017 by our friends at the Memphis ACT for America chapter – please send to your uninformed contacts – Burkasrugly This falls under the “You can’t make this stuff up” department. As you may have heard, the Obama family is taking residence in Washington, DC. […]

Women: Defend Yourself From Muslim Immigration

Fellow Kafirs, As Pat Condell states, Europe is importing a violent rape culture by allowing unfettered Muslim immigration.  Muslims do not consider rape – especially of infidel women – as a crime.  Stupid liberal women are too blinded by ideology to see that allowing these savages into their country is going to destroy Western culture […]