Malls Are Great Target For Muslim Jihadis

Fellow infidels, Can any of you imagine a Muslim jihadist attack on Turtle Creek Mall?  I can. Obama and his fellow Democrats are ok with unarmed Americans. And they are also ok with bringing all the unvetted Muslims in from Third World hellholes where they only know killing, hatred, and other attributes they have gleaned […]

UK Policeman Kowtows To Belligerant Muslim

Fellow kafirs, Watch the video below and keep in mind  all the things going on in the U.S. under Obama’s ‘guidance.’ He would be happy to neuter our police so that they would cower when confronted with thugs. Lawlessness is a component of the Obama administration – Burkasrugly

2036: St. Jude Hospital

Fellow kafirs, This is the next installment of Constantine’s series, 2036 – Burkasrugly In 1962 St. Jude Hospital opened in Memphis.  It’s patron was the Lebanese comedian Danny Thomas.  Years earlier down and out Thomas promised St. Jude, the patron saint of lost causes, that if he became successful, he would build a hospital in […]