Muslim Refugees Sexually Assault 5-Year-Old In Idaho Falls

Fellow kafirs, Pamela Geller reports that a little 5-year-old special needs girl was assaulted  earlier this month by some older boys who were Muslim migrants.  Not only did they rape her, they urinated on her body as well as in her mouth. This is just another reason  – in a long list of reasons – […]

Tell Congress To Pass 'Terrorist Designation Act'

Fellow Kafirs, ACTION ALERT!!! Please read the article below carefully and sign the online petition to urge Congress to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.  Hey, several Muslim countries have already declared the MB a terrorist organization, so your Congressman has no excuse not to vote for this declaration.  If you really want […]

Judge Jeannine: Elites Are On The Run!

Fellow kafirs, Many people say that Great Britain’s vote to get out of the European Union signaled a positive vibe for Donald Trump’s campaign. His plan to place a temporary ban on Muslim immigration is the only common sense solution that anyone has put forward.  It is very unwise to invite the fox into the […]

Day Of Wrath

Day of Wrath is the title of a fictional work by Dr. William R. Forstchen.  Perhaps, you have read his book One Second After which is about a fictional, but highly accurate account of an EMP attack on the United States.  Day of Wrath is a 97-page novella about an ISIS attack on five separate […]


The year 2036 marked an absolute abject low in American history.  A rag-tag army of jihadists destroyed the greatest military power in world history through a combination of stealth, deceit and terror.  For all intents and purposes the United States ceased to exist in 2034. After Barack Hussain Obama left office in 2017, he was […]