Sounds Like Silence (Of Infidels)

Fellow kafirs, infidels, and all who stand for freedom, We would like to welcome a new blogger, Bubba Earle. He found this great video and wanted everyone to pass it on to their friends and family who are ignorant about the threat of Islam. We WON’T be silent no matter what the Muslims try to […]

How Do You Lose 130,000 People?

Actually, the German government finds it remarkably simple. In 2015 the German state allowed 1,100,000 Islamic migrants to enter the country. Now a mere 130,000 have disappeared without a trace. From a percentage stand point that is almost 12% of the newly arrived 2015 Muslim migrants. Let’s do some math. What if only 1% is […]

Energy Independence Means No More Funding Of Islamic Terrorism

Fellow kafirs, The following appeared in the Jonesboro Sun recently as a letter to the editor.  It was  written by Jonesboro ACT for America chapter leader Robert Norvell – Burkasrugly Four years ago at a speech at the University of Miami President Obama said, “We can’t drill our way to lower gas prices.” Well, we […]