Western Politicians Are Traitors

Fellow kaffirs, This is Paul Weston, of the pro-kafir organization Liberty Great Britain, who was arrested in England for reading a passage out of Winston Churchill’s book, The River War. The passage was criticism of Muslims. He says that Western politicians are accessories to murder since they allow these Muslim savages into their countries. These […]

Wild Bill: Take Down Mosques

Fellow kafirs, Wild Bill is spot on: Our law enforcement needs to take down the mosques and expel the importers of terrorism.  This is SO refreshing to hear. Have you noticed that the REPUBLICAN candidates are very bold about the Muslim issue? ‘Bout time! Love the comment about President Jihad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=-MHafMY47Y0 Until next time, Burkasrugly

The Mad Dogs Of ISIS

Fellow kafirs, The following letter to the editor appeared in the Jonesboro Sun on November 17, 2015. It was written by Robert Norvell – Burkasrugly Two days ago, Paris, the City of Light, was attacked by the mad dogs of ISIS. In a carefully planned assault on multiple defenseless targets these hell hounds killed 127 […]

Liberal Reaction To Paris Jihad Attacks

Fellow kafirs, Here is how the liberals, Democrats, and other Useful Idiots reacted to the slaughter in Paris: The Obama administration said Sunday it will continue to bring Syrian refugees into the U.S., amid reports that at least one of the Paris attackers slipped through Europe’s system and concerns about “gaping holes” impacting America’s screening […]

Politically Correct Jihad – Dr. Bill Warner (video)

Fellow kafirs, Dr. Bill Warner has the leftist, do-gooder useful idiots pegged.  The leftist professors who are making excuses for the radical muslims in America need to be thrown in jail and the key thrown away.  That goes for any leftist whether they be a nutty professor or just a run of the mill useful […]

French Citizens To Muslims: Get Out!!!

Fellow kafirs, Can you blame the French? I can’t. These savages do not need to be allowed within one thousand miles of our country. Watch the short clip below that shows the French people…at least those who have common sense…demanding that the Muslims get out. They are confronted by bleeding heart liberals. Will make your […]

Muslim Savages Make Sweden Rape Capital

Fellow kafirs, Did you realize that one in four women in Sweden have been raped, and the vast majority of the rapists are Muslims? If any bleeding heart liberals are lucky enough to read this blog, they best pay attention to what Pat Condell is saying. Because if Barack Obama and his henchmen have their […]