Lesbian Bishop: Crosses Offend Muslims, So They Must Come Down

Fellow kafirs, If you are like me you are astounded, yet at the same time not surprised. This person has no idea what Muslims do to gay people, or if she does she is MUCH more of a self-hating dingbat than I thought she was. I promise you will fume as you watch this video: […]

A Short History of Hajj Disasters (Revised)

Just when you thought the Hajj stampede season couldn’t get any worse, it did. In my last article I reported 769 deaths and 934 injured in the stampede that occurred on September 24. Now the figure from a composite of the dead reported by individual countries stands at an astounding 1,470 dead with hundreds still […]

Liberals Want Islamic Chaos In Your Neighborhood

Fellow kafirs, Take a look at this news clip out of Germany. We have all heard of the MASSIVE Muslim invasion of Europe, especially Germany, because they give the most government freebies. This police union chief tells it like it is. If we do not stop Obama’s plans to dump Muslims in our country, we […]

Obama Makes Federal Prisons Sharia Compliant

Fellow kafirs, Yes, Obama has banned all pork products from federal prisons. I suppose it offended the Muslims too much. That means no more bacon, no more pork chops, no more pork barbecue. Well…what did you expect with a Muslim running the White House? From Bare Naked Islam: Barack Hussein Obama, the Muslim dictator-in-chief pretending […]