Europe Opens Borders To Violent, Backwards Islamic Culture

Fellow kafirs, Hijrah – the Muslim concept of mass immigration used as a tool to subjugate the native population –  is being used again in Europe.  We need to learn about it because with a president that has Muslim sympathies we need to make sure he knows that we will not tolerate a Muslim invasion […]

A Short History Of Hajj Disasters

On Wednesday we learned about a Hajj stampede where 717 Muslims were trampled to death by the their fellow coreligionists. Another 850 were maimed. The week before a crane collapsed on the Grand Mosque killing 111 and wounding over 394. It is obligatory for every Muslim to make the pilgrimage (hajj) to Mecca at least […]

Trump Says No Syrian Refugees Should Be Allowed Into US

Fellow kafirs, The Donald is just saying what the majority of Americans are thinking. We have a president who is assuring that there will be a nuclear holocaust and who also wants to aid the Islamic world in ushering in an American caliphate. Trump is very bold in stating that we should not take any […]

Is God Trying To Tell Muslims Something?

Fellow kafirs, After a storm today a crane fell on the Grand Mosque in Mecca in Saudi Arabia and killed 107 people and injured 238. That’s a shame. Especially since Muslims attach such significance to dates, especially September 11. Sorry, jihadists, it kinda turned around on you today, the 14th anniversary of your attacks that […]