Domestic And Homegrown Terrorism

We would like to welcome a new blogger to our website – Revere Rides Again.  Revere has meticulously researched the following material and hopes it serves as a warning to patriotic Americans about the growing Islamic jihad threat… just as the original Revere tried to warn Americans about the British.  Please send to your friends and others who are not […]

Lone Wolf Or Wolf Pack?

After Thursday’s murderous jihadi attack that killed four Marines in Chattanooga the press is going into a frenzy trying to explain the rise of so called lone wolf attacks. How is it that seemingly peaceful (Islam is the religion of peace, right?) Muslims suddenly become motivated to launch uber violent attacks against infidels. It’s almost […]

You Just Can’t Make Up This Stuff!

Fellow kafirs, The following was posted on the Memphis ACT! for America website on June 10, 2015 by BLOGadmin – Burkasrugly 1. Pamela Geller held the Draw Mohamed cartooncontest in Garland, TX on 03 MAY 2015. 2. Two radical Muslims drive from Phoenix, AZ to Garland, TX with the intention of creating a mass shooting […]

A New Poll On American Muslims

Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy released the results of a poll last week on American Muslims that is both mind numbing and terrifying. The Gaffney poll surveyed 800 Muslims from all 50 states diversified almost equally by gender, and representative of all ages of adult Muslims. An astounding 51% of those surveyed preferred Sharia […]

Sanctuary State For Christians

Fellow kafirs, Since loony leftists and useful idiot liberals defy federal immigration laws and have crafted sanctuary cities why can’t we create a sanctuary state for Christians? We are unwelcome in our own land, with the stage set for persecution with the US Supreme Court’s lawless decision on homosexual marriage. What Wild Bill says makes […]

The Cutting Season

Fellow kafirs, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a horrific and painful practice that is done on thousands of girls around the world each year. And just living in a modern Western society doesn’t stop Muslims from taking their daughters to a backwater Muslim country in order for the often unsanitary procedure to be done. The […]