Canadian Imams Call For Death To Those Who Criticize Mohammed

Fellow Kaffirs, Apparently, the government of Canada is ok with these hate preachers spewing their poison in the (supposedly) free country of Canada.  You can bet your bottom dollar they are vomiting the same putrid vitriol in American mosques.  Are we all supposed to sit around and lick the boots of these savages?  Are we […]

Tennessee Legislator Wants Muslims Out Of Military

Fellow Kaffirs, State Representative Womick (R-TN) questions whether it is a good idea to have Muslims serve in the US military.  I wonder about that too, considering that they are commanded to kill the infidel and wage jihad against us as a way to ensure their way into heaven.  Here is a brief clip of […]

ALERT: FBI Warns Of ISIS Attack In Memphis

Fellow Kaffirs, According to – The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Memphis Division is warning police officers about a threat to blow up the Memphis-Arkansas Bridge sometime in December. FOX13 News obtained the FBI bulletin sent to Mid-South Law Enforcement agencies warning about a possible Islamic State terror plot targeting the I-55 Bridge. “According to […]

Veteran Actor Calls Sharpton 'Disgusting Pig'

Fellow Kaffirs, Former Academy Award nominee James Woods called out ‘the Reverend’ Al Sharpton for stirring up racial tensions that some people say led to the assassinations of two NYPD policemen last Saturday.  In a series of tweets, Woods expressed his disgust with Sharpton and New York City Mayor DeBlasio.  Check them out:   Reports […]

Muslim Hackers Target Little Rock School

Fellow Kaffirs, This is scary when you think that your children or your grandchildren’s personal information is stored on the school computer. I’m still puzzled as to why they are doing this unless they want converts – Burkasrugly From Fox LITTLE ROCK, AR- If you typed in in the search engine around 7am […]

Snotty Liberals Hate Our Military Heroes

Fellow Kaffirs, Will Rogers famously said, “I never met a man I didn’t like.”  Well, I never met a liberal that I DID like and the points made by Wild Bill for America are some very good reasons why I don’t.  These people are DESPICABLE! – Burkasrugly Until next time, Burkasrugly

Muslims Killing Muslims

Fellow Kaffirs, The following was published in the Jonesboro Sun on the Letters to the Editor section. It is by Robert Norvell, ACT! Jonesboro chapter leader – Burkasrugly On Friday, November 28 Muslim extremists attacked the Central Mosque in Kano, Nigeria. Kano is the largest city in northern Nigeria with a population over three million. […]

Tom Cotton Leading Charge Against Amnesty

Fellow Kaffirs, Amnesty will benefit Muslim illegals, so guys…..lets BURN UP THE PHONE LINES TO THE CAPITOL. From BareNakedIslam: Senator-elect Tom Cotton (R – Arkansas) is behind a phone campaign against the funding measure that House leadership is expected put on the floor next week, saying that lawmakers might change course if voters break the […]