You Can' t Fix Stupid

Fellow Kafirs, Robert Norvell, chapter leader for ACT for America Jonesboro, penned this letter to the editor that was published in the Jonesboro Sun recently.  It is well worth your time to read it – Burkasrugly In 1955 I remember as an elementary student receiving the new polio vaccine. The vaccine was developed by Dr. […]

Racist Ben Affleck Defends Islam

Fellow Kafirs, This guy is a typical Hollywood liberal who couldn’t talk himself out of a paper bag unless he had a script – Burkasurlgy If you want to delve into this subject even more, you might want to read Dr. Andrew Bostom’s article, “From Obscenity to Clarity: A Factual Understanding of the Maher-Affleck Islam “Debate” […]

Action Alert: Support DJ Who Says All Mosques And Muslims Should Be On Watch List

Fellow Kafirs, Please consider sending an email and/or calling the station to offer your support for this American patriot who happens to be a DJ for a radio station. Contact information will follow video.  (Read more at Bare Naked Islam).He has dared to tell the truth about Islam and you know the drill….CAIR will come knocking […]

American Elementary Schoolchildren Threatened With Beheadings

Fellow Kafirs, This is in Rhode Island, but it is coming to a school near you.  It is too early to determine positively, but this sounds like something the Religion of Peace would be involved in. Remember, they massacred innocent schoolchildren at Beslan, Russia ten years ago. From Jihad Watch: It may be just a […]