Geert Wilders Says Stop Denying The Obvious: Islam Is Violent

Fellow Kafirs, Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician who speaks out against radical Islam, has penned a great piece titled ‘Stop Denying the Obvious:  Islam is problem.‘ It can be found on the Gatestone Institute website. Wilders is a fierce defender of Western Civilization.  We all owe him and others who literally put their lives on the line […]

Muslim Goat Humpers Entertained By Young Dancing Boys

Fellow Kafirs, They are called Bacha Bazi dancing boys and are entertainment for Muslims who murder gays in public and saw off the heads of Christians and anyone else who they don’t like. This is just more proof that these people have been spewed from the pit of hell because they were too evil to […]

Well, We Tried

Fellow Kafirs, The following blog is from an ACT for America member in the greater Oklahoma City area….the same area where a Muslim fanatic beheaded a poor, innocent woman and nearly beheaded another one on Thursday. His frustration about hitting a brick wall when trying to warn people about radical Islam is the gist of […]

ACT For America President :Islam Does Not Mean Peace

Fellow Kafirs, Brigitte Gabriele not only has to listen to Mike Ghouse’s drivel, but his voice is like fingernails raking across a chalkboard. In the video below she doesn’t allow Ghouse to use taqqyia to promote Islam – Burkasrugly Until next time, Burkasrugly

Islamic Beheading Comes To America's Heartland

Fellow Kafirs We knew it was bound to happen sometime.  Someone would be viciously butchered in the most horrific way by a Muslim.  It has begun…a woman was beheaded in Oklahoma, yesterday, and, yes, Islam has everything to do with it!!  Megan Kelley reports that the alleged perpetrator was yelling Islamic phrases while in the midst […]

Profile, Profile, Profile To Find Terrorists Among Us

Fellow Kaffirs, Sounds like a pretty good idea to me. The only entity that will complain is CAIR and maybe its sister organization, the ACLU. This subject was discussed on Fox’s Cashin’ In. Here is a clip – Burkasrugly Until next time, Burkasrugly

Paul Weston: PM Calls British Citizens Opposed To Islam 'Sick'

Fellow Kaffirs, Paul Weston, the Brit who was arrested for reading aloud Winston Churchill’s classic book, the River War, spoke to a large crowd of members of the English Defense League about the shameful comments of the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, who is on YouTube saying that there are too many Christian faces in the […]

Iraqi Exile Says There Is No Such Thing As Moderate Muslims

Fellow Kafirs, IQ Rasooli is an Iraqi exile and author who has seen the devastating effects of what Islam can do to human beings. Idiots are wasting time by continually repeating that Islam has been ‘hijacked’ by radicals. Most Muslims that know anything about the Koran know this ‘hijacking’ notion is preposterous. Watch this interview of Rasooli on […]