ISIS Will Carry Out Mass Slaughter In US If Not Stopped

Fellow Kafirs, Do you think that the Muslim-in-Chief will stop it?  No!  That is probably why he is so adamant about letting Tom, Dick, Harry and Mohammed into our southern border!  Princeton University Professor Robert George told The Blaze’s Dana Loesch the following: He said  that the Islamic State will carry out “mass slaughter in […]

British Muslim Cleric Says Sharia Will Be Implemented Globally

Fellow Kafirs, And he indicates in the video below that Kafirs won’t be able to do a thing about it. Oh, yeah, really Anjem old boy? He needs to think about that for a while. It won’t fly here. The government may try to force it on us, but if it tries that, Uncle Sam […]

Appeasement Of Muslim World Is NOT Acceptable

Fellow Kafirs, Where is Ronald Reagan when you need him? Gosh, what an INSPIRING speech!!! As Reagan said, ‘There is a price we will not pay, there is a point beyond which they must not advance.’ Americans are HUNGERING for a leader like this instead of the WIMP Obama that we have. Take a look […]

IS (Islamic State) And The Just War Theory

Fellow Kafirs, Constantine comments on the ISIS atrocities – Burkasrulgy. In the face of brutal barbarities committed by the Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS) the Just War Theory is making a revival. Just War Theory was first formulated by the brilliant Christian thinker St. Augustine. Augustine lived in Roman North Africa about 400 A.D. […]

Jihad vs Crusades

Fellow Kafirs, This is getting very old and tiresome…we have to constantly point out the truth…the truth that the liberals and academic types try to hide…that the Crusades were a RESPONSE to Islamic jihad, not the other way around.  Please….post this video on your Facebook and other social media and encourage your politically correct friends […]

Tennessee Tech Requires Freshmen To Read Author With Ties To Bill Ayers

Fellow Kafirs, An ACT! for America member brought this to our attention, and we really need to get this information out to everyone we can.  The president of Tennessee Tech University needs to hear from parents of students and/or donors to the school.  If you know anyone who lives in Tennessee or has any connections […]

NY Cabbie Convicted Of Arranging Honor Killings

Fellow Kafirs, The Clarion Project is featuring a story on their website about a New York cabbie who arranged two ‘honor’ killings after his daughter fled an arranged marriage. According to the story: A veteran New York City taxi driver originally from Pakistan was convicted of two honor killings he arranged to avenge his family’s […]

Ralph Peters: Isis Is Apocalyptic Death Cult That’s Burst Out of Islam’

Fellow Kafirs, Our so-called elected officials don’t give a damn about OUR safety or OUR families…they only care about how much money they can get from the contacts they make while in Congress or if they will get re-elected. Period. They do not care about us, for if they did they would seal up the […]

Here Be Monsters!

Fellow Kafirs, It is absolutely terrible and heartbreaking what is going on in the world.  In this blog, Constantine points out how terrible ISIS is – Burkasrugly Three centuries ago most of the world’s oceans were uncharted. Large, dangerous, unmapped areas carried the legend “Here be monsters”. In other words, venture into these areas at […]