Female Muslim Terrorist Is Happy About Jewish Deaths

Fellow Kafirs, From ‘The Grid‘ [Video] Gleeful, Smiling Female Terrorist Remembers How She Bombed the Sbarro Pizza Restaurant: On August 9th, 2001, she killed: Hemeda 2 years old Avraham 4 years old Tamara 8 years old Yocheved 10 years old Raaya 14 years old Malki 15 years old Michal 16 years old and more

Hamas Responsible For Palestenian Childrens' Deaths

Fellow Kafirs, The Muslims keep telling us that they ‘love death like we (Western Christians) love life’ so why is it a surprise when they use their own women and children as human shields? They are the ones causing all the problems in the Middle East. Here is Pat Condell’s take on the situation – […]

One-State Solution: Give ALL The Middle East To The Jews

Fellow Kafirs, This sounds like a fantastic idea. Women would be freed from the satanic Islamic prisons they are in to be free to feel the wind on their face instead of a man’s fist or a stiflingly hot burka.  And boy, would they be totally ticked off at being lied to and brainwashed by […]

Whoo Hoo! Joan Rivers Unloads On Hamas, Leftist Media

Fellow Kafirs, All I have to say to Joan Rivers is “YOU GO GIRL!!!  Joan may not be invited to any snobby Hollywood parties after they find out she refuses to throw Israel under the bus.  Watch and enjoy – Burkasrugly Until next time, Burkasrugly

Muslim Conductor Preaches To Queen Beatrix; Orhrestra Walks Out

Fellow Kafirs, Queen Beatrix of Holland attended an orchestral concert recently where the conductor, who just happens to be Muslim, proceeds to give the queen a lecture and to proselytize about Islam and how she should personally believe in Allah. Surprisingly, the members of the orchestra stage a walkout!   Great to see people with the […]

CAIR Hosting A Media Event In St. Louis At Seven Gables

Fellow Kafirs, The Florida Family Association is doing some great work. They need your help. Please read the following story that is from their website and take action if you are so inclined. CAIR is hosting a media event at The Seven Gables Inn in St. Louis on July 23. Please take a minute to […]