Saudi Princesses Held Against Their Will (Video)

Fellow Kafirs, Living conditions for women in Saudi Arabia are less than deplorable….even for Saudi princesses.  King Saud’s second wife, whom he divorced, now lives in London and is trying to get her four daughters released from their virtual prison. The Saudis need to be embarrassed by this, so this needs to go viral.  However, I don’t […]

Brigitte Gabriel Blasts Taqyyia-Spewing Muslima

Fellow Kafirs,  This is the BEST that I have ever seen our founder and president, Brigitte Gabriel, counter a taqyyia-spewing Islamist. THIS is the way we need to speak to Muslims…not the mealy-mouthed, apologetic, dhimmi way that liberals and low-information infidels want us to speak to them. They need to know that we have their number! […]

Hannity Doesn't Let Muslima Get Away With Taqyyia

Fellow Kafirs, Did you happen to see Hannity last night? He didn’t let this Muslim woman get away with her taqyyia. Brigitte Gabriel and the woman had clashed recently at a panel discussion sponsored by the Heritage Foundation. You can see the disgust and frustration in Hannity and Gabriel’s faces – Burkasrugly Until next […]

Islamic Acid Attack Won't Stop Former Muslim From Telling The Truth About Muslim Atrocities

Fellow Kafirs, What a POWERFUL testimony by this brave gentleman. Words are not adequate to describe what these Islamic beasts did to him. Watch and send to your friends – Burkasrugly Until next time, Burkasrugly

American Flag A "Threat" To Muslims?

Fellow Kafirs, A man in Webster, TX says his apartment complex manager told him that his American flag that he proudly displayed outside his apartment was a “threat to the Muslim community.”  Huh?  Watch the following video and I will give you the contact information for the apartment complex after the video.  They need to […]

Brigitte Gabriel: Peaceful Majority Of Muslims Irrelevant

Fellow Kafirs, Check out this video featuring a panel of conservatives including the president of ACT! for America, Brigitte Gabriel. The entire video is good, but at about the 4:10 mark Brigitte begins to speak.  She is responding to a muslima who complains about the myth that anti-jihadists consider all muslims in a negative light. Brigitte […]