Muslim Word For Non-Muslims Means 'Filth'

Fellow infidels, From here on out, we will be using the proper term “Kafir” when addressing our fellow infidels.  This is the term that Muslims use to describe us, and it is the ugliest word in the history of mankind.  They use this word as an insult to non-Muslims and most people are too uninformed […]

Christian Patrols In UK Spark Standoff With Muslims

Fellow infidels, We have already introduced our audience to the Christian Patrols in the UK earlier this year. Watch this news story featuring them. Notice that the media is bias from the get-go. They are more worried about “Islamaphobia” than they are about Muslims harassing non-Muslims. And notice the reporter talking to the guy in […]

The Jihad Against Chocolate

Fellow infidels, These people are never happy…but, hey, if I were Muslim I wouldn’t be happy either.  The men have to grow itchy beards, and the women have to wear those stiflingly hot burkas.  And they always have to worry about being stoned, beheaded, or gang-raped.  If that’s not enough, they are griping and carrying on […]

The Fable Of Muslim Heritage

Fellow infidels, A new blogger has submitted a blog for your enjoyment. Queen Boadicea “tells it like it is” in an enjoyable, sarcastic way. QB is responding to an internet letter that you can find if you CLICK HERE – Burkasrugly To whomever wrote the letter titled “Muslims my %#$!”: Now wait one gol-darn minute […]

Britain First Marks 1st Anniversary Of Lee Rigby Beheading

Fellow infidels, It is so refreshing to see that some real British patriots are finally standing up and defending Great Britain.  Members of Britain First marched in memory of Lee Rigsby, who was nearly beheaded just over a year ago by Muslims in the middle of the day in London. Watch as they march to […]

A War From Within

Fellow infidels, To fight and WIN the struggle against Sharia law, everyone of every political leaning must UNDERSTAND what we are up against…the warning bells have been sounding loud and clear…are you listening? The following blog by Charlie Horse spells it out. Please read and heed – Burkasrugly America is fighting and losing an openly-declared […]

Home Depot Implementing Islamic Sharia Practices

Fellow infidels, Home Depot is going to have to implement some BIG changes if they want my business anymore. Read how they have been discriminating against Christians…from Florida Family Association: Click here to send your email of concern to Home Depot officials. Home Depot fired Trevor Keezor in October 2009 for wearing a button that […]

Irish Pastor Says Islam Is 'Heathen', 'Satanic'

Fellow infidels, What happens when infidels tell the truth about Islam?  Well, increasingly in Christian countries they are investigated by the police.  Yes, you know it and I know it.  It is basically the global blasphemy law being implemented piece by piece.  We all know that Islam is superior to other religions (sarcasm intended). This […]