Brit Arrested For Reading Churchill Interviewed On Canadian TV

Fellow infidels, Michael Coren interviewed Paul Weston, of the Liberty GB Party, after Weston was arrested for reading (aloud in public) former Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s book ‘The River War,’which was the winner of the 1953 Nobel Prize for literature. Please watch the video below: Until next time, Burkasrugly

Great News! Full Florida Senate Passes ALAC

Fellow infidels, Thank you all so much for sending your emails.  It has helped tremendously! The full Florida Senate has approved ALAC.  One more hurdle remains…the full Florida House will vote on it soon…and we will keep you updated – Burkasrugly From the Florida Family Association: The Florida Senate has approved American Laws for American Courts […]

Brit Arrested For Quoting Churchill Book In Public

Fellow infidels, It is very disturbing that a British citizen has been arrested merely for the act of reading a passage from former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill’s book ‘The River War’ which won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1953. But that is what happened in Great Britain. Churchill told the truth about […]

The Cost Of Protection From EMP: Chump Change

Fellow infidels, Constantine has an important message about EMPs, or Electro-Magnetic Pulse attacks.  And guess who would love to see America devestated by such an attack? Burkasrugly By now everyone knows that EMP stands for Electro-Magnetic Pulse. There are two causes of EMP. The first is natural. Solar flares or storms from the sun occur […]

Full Florida Senate Votes Tomorrow On ALAC

Fellow infidels, This is crunch time!  It is easy..just click on the link below and fill in your information and hit “send.” CAIR is pulling out all stops to prevent this bill from becoming law.  Send to all your contacts and urge them to send and email – Burkasrugly Full Florida Senate to vote on […]

URGENT: Dems, Muslim Lawmakers Want US Blasphemy Law

Fellow infidels, Time for patriots, freedom lovers, First Amendment defenders, etc., to unite!  If this legislation is passed, we will NOT beable to speak the truth about Islam.  Get busy calling and emailing your Congressman – In the words of our president, Brigitte Gabriel, “They Must Be Stopped.” Burkasrugly According to There is very […]

Action Alert: Florida Legislature Poised To Vote On ALAC

Fellow infidels, Once more we ask you to send your emails to the legislators if you are so inclined, and/or pass this along to all your contacts.  Thank you – Burkasrugly From the Florida Family Association: The Florida Legislature returns from week long break. American Laws for American Courts bills are calendared for votes by […]

Review Of 'Honor Diaries'

Fellow infidels, Below is a review of the documentary “Honor Diaries.”  It will be shown tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. at Barnhill’s Buffet in Jonesboro, AR  at the local ACT! for America meeting. There is no cost to view the film- Burkasrugly Last Saturday I received my long-awaited copy of “Honor Diaries” in DVD format in […]