Acid Attack Survivor Featured In Local Newspaper

The following article appeared in the Jonesboro Sun on Wednesday, January 22, 2014. Pakistani acid victim tells story in Jonesboro By Sherry F. Pruitt, Sun Staff Writer JONESBORO — A decade ago when “that man” threw battery acid on 16-year-old Julie Aftab of Pakistan because she admitted to being a Christian, she watched her cheek […]

Acid Attack!

Fellow infidels, We do not have to make up lies about the Muslims…they do so many horrible things…including acid attacks on women…that we merely report them.  Even so, for that, those of us who point out their evil are told sometimes that we are “Islamaphobic.” The people who have this attitude are mentally unstable.  Constantine comments on the […]

Pakistani Muslim Pours Scalding Oil On Wife

Fellow infidels, We are seeing more and more of this behavior in America. There is no way these men, whom have lived in countries like Pakistan where women are thought of as less than animals, will ever conform to American culture. It is impossible. And we are definitely not “Islamaphobes” for criticizing this heinous behavior. […]

America Is "Promised Land" For Survivor Of Acid Attack

Fellow infidels, After listening to Julie Aftab’s story, none of us – as Christians – should ever complain.  Julie describes America as “the Promised Land.”  She was a Christian in the Muslim majority country of Pakistan, working in a call center when she was just 16 years old when two men attacked her by throwing acid in her […]

Who Are The Real Hatemongers?

Fellow infidels, Constantine has included some information about ACT! for America that you may not have thought about – Burkasrugly Do you know how large Act for America is? Do you know how many chapters we have scattered across this great land we call America? We have in excess of 300,000 members. We have over […]

Jihad By Poisoning Public Water Supply?

Fellow infidels, What was this guy doing in a water treatment plant?  Hmmm…lets see, jihad COULD certainly include poisoning the water supply for this city, correct? According to Creeping Sharia, 26-year-old Asef Mohamed, of Manalapan, is being charged with fourth degree criminal trespassing and may face additional charges after authorities said he broke into the […]

Survivor Of Muslim Acid Attack To Speak In Jonesboro

Fellow infidels, Several years ago a couple of Muslim beasts threw acid into the face of Julie Aftab, a Pakistani Christian teenager, and tried to finish her off by pouring the acid down her throat. This brave woman will be speaking to the Jonesboro, Arkansas chapter of ACT! for America next Monday night at 7:00 […]

Saudis Sexually Molest Burka Clad Women

Fellow infidels, These beasts can’t keep their filthy hands off women who have covered themselves with black bags. Of course it is the woman’s fault according to 87 percent of Saudi men.  The following video is proof that these Saudis are the aggressors.  These poor ladies were minding their own business and they were harassed […]