Deaf Mute Girl Held As Slave In UK

Fellow infidels, Want to take a guess as to this perpetrator’s religion? Burkasrugly According to the Express: A DEAF and mute girl was trafficked into the UK and repeatedly raped by a pensioner who used her to abuse the benefits system, a court heard today. Ilyas Ashar, 84, sexually abused the unnamed girl over the […]

Gitmo Detainee Released For Being Too Fat (Unbelievable)

Fellow infidels, The Scarlet Pimpernel has made a rare appearance.  The Pimpernel has a way with words….the only thing I might add to this blog is “fatty, fatty, two by four,….Burkasrugly Tarek El-Sawah is being paroled from the Guantanamo Prisoner of War camp because he is too obese. Tarek who is a 55-year-old Egyptian was […]

The West Must Learn To Say 'No' To Islam

Fellow infidels, We need more brave souls like Geert Wilders. He is a hero for all freedom-loving people in the world.  Here is part of a blog he wrote for Jihad Watch: Winston Churchill once said that “The people of Asia were slaves, because they had not learned how to pronounce the word ‘no’.” Today, the West […]

Bloody Barbarism

Fellow infidels, In today’s blog, Constantine points out the brutality that is part and parcel of Islam – Burkasrugly The last two weeks have been incredibly brutal on the Jihad Allahu Akbar circuit. In the last twelve days at least 1, 121 lives have been lost. Several thousand others have been maimed, perhaps with injuries […]

Mall Of America

Fellow infidels, In light of the recent brutal attack on a mall in Africa, Constantine lays out his theory that it was only a dress rehearsal for a bigger attack in America.  Chilling – Burkasrugly Just 15 minutes from downtown Minneapolis in suburban Bloomington is located the largest mall in the United States. Appropriately, it […]