Muslim Woman Can't Stand The Truth At Memphis Festival

Fellow infidels, Those darn Muslims! They are a laugh a minute. They don’t realize they are cutting their noses off to spite their face.  Oops, er…I mean if they are wearing a black bag, er, I mean a burka, then one can’t see their nose. Oh, well, nevertheless, a Muslim woman drew attention to the […]

Wimpy British Politicians Force Toddler To Face Down Muslim Savages

Fellow infidels, It is pitiful when children are forced to face down pure evil…as Islam has shown to be by all of its murderous thuggery. But that is exactly what four-year-old Elliott Prior did in the Nairobi mall attack. British politicians (not some of the brave British citizens, though) have forced this scenario because of their blind committment […]

"We Are Not Monsters"

Fellow infidels, How can the world  continue to stand by and nod in dumb agreement that Islam is a religion of peace after tons of evidence to the contrary? It is simply not true that Islam is a “religion of peace”….especially in light of all of the horrible acts of violence perpetrated in the name […]

Update: Names Of Suspects Released

Fellow infidels, In a follow-up to yesterday’s post….KAIT reports that the names of the man and woman arrested after bomb making materials were found in their home have been released. According to the Craighead County Sheriff’s Department, Blake Johnson, 22, and Cassie-Lee Crisler, 21, were arrested. Read the entire story HERE. Until next time, Burkasrugly

Homeland Security Consulted In Possible Terrorism In Jonesboro, AR

Fellow infidels, The details are sketchy, but local police have called in Homeland Security to investigate a case in which weapons, drugs, and pipe bombs were found at a residence in Jonesboro Sunday evening.  Please click here for the story from KAIT. These are very scary times. Until next time, Burkasrugly

"Great" Britain Allows Muslims To Rape Native-Born Girls

Fellow infidels, It’s bad enough when you have a sadistic, sex-obsessed and blood thirsty political system masquerading in your country as a religion, but when your own government doesn’t lift a finger to defend some of its most vulnerable citizens from that sick, twisted group, then there is almost no hope. That is, unless you believe […]

Muslims Say Non-Muslim Women "Ask" To Be Raped

Fellow infidels, Every American dad, husband, father, grandfather, etc., should join with their female loved ones in standing up to this blatant evil from the Satanic religion of Islam.  Not radical Islam, but Islam.  Muslim men consider non-Muslim women whores and sluts since they do not wear the veil. To top that off, Muslim men say that […]