Savage Torture Of Girls Part Of Islam

Fellow infidels, Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a horrific practice that is dominant in the Muslim world. It involves cutting off part of a girl’s clitoris, sometimes with a germ-infested piece of metal or glass, often without anesthesia. But, hey, Mohammed hated women, so it is ok.  Muslims look at women as merely cattle, and they […]

Arkansas Congressman: No Deal Unless Borders Secure First

Fellow infidels, We are so proud of Representative Tom Cotton of Arkansas.  He wrote an excellent editorial (see below) that appeared in the Wall Street Journal this week.  He rightly insists that this time Republicans simply will not let the Democrats trick them into amnesty first then enforcement later (if ever). There are terrorists at […]

Amnesty Will Encourage More Terrorists To Cross Border

Fellow infidels, The idiocy and insanity of our so-called leaders is breathtaking.  They are so busy trying to get Latino votes that they have missed the news that Hezbollah and the Mexican drug cartels are in business together.  Just think, while our illustrious Senators and Congressmen play political games, terrorists are coming across our southern border! […]

German Shepherds 1, Muslims 0

Fellow infidels, If you are a dog lover, you will like the Scarlet Pimpernel’s latest blog.  The Pimpernel points out that dogs are considered filthy in Islam.  I wonder what the dogs think of Muslims?  – Burkasrugly Much has been made of the fact that dogs are haram (forbidden) in Islam. Mohammed hated dogs. He […]

Young Girl Escapes From Forced Muslim Marriage

Fellow infidels, What struck me about this young girl was her intelligence, courage, and passion.  She somehow managed to escape from the a forced marriage.  Most will not escape. These girls do not even have a chance at childhood!  They have to be SEX SLAVES to sick, twisted old men who want to get their jollies with […]

Imam Confirms Pedophilia Is Ok For Muslims

Fellow infidels, Is it Islamaphobia (a made up word) when an Islamic imam confirms what we already know…that Mohammed was a low-down scumbag pedophile who has millions of men who emulate him because he is considered to be the perfect man?   We do not have to make anything up….they proclaim it proudly.  Watch this imam […]

Labour Party Candidate Says Islam "Not A Religion Of Peace"

Fellow infidels, Another woman with guts.  This time in Great Britain where the men have become wimpy. From Bare Naked Islam: UK: ANN MARIE WATERS, controversial anti-sharia candidate is a Labour Party frontrunner for Brighton Pavilion, in the next general election Ann Marie Waters self-describes herself as “an anti-Sharia campaigner”, and says that Islam is […]