Anti-Jihadist Knows More About Islam Than Imam

Fellow infidels, According to The Right Scoop, Robert Spencer was on the BBC Asian Public Radio this past Friday and at one point the host asked him to quote verses from the Koran or the Hadiths that he finds reprehensible. Robert quickly responded with several verses from the Koran and one from the Hadith. But […]

Muslim Slits Throat Of Disabled Christian Man

Fellow infidels, The Religion of Peace continues to rack up the dead bodies.  One of the latest was (again) in London.  Here is an excerpt from the story at End Time Headlines. Yet another sickening murder in London by a Muslim happened over the weekend when a disabled wheelchair bound man had his throat cut. […]

CAIR Member Arrested For Raping Child

Fellow infidels, Jan Sobieski reports on a Muslim who allegedly raped a 12-year-old girl in Washington state.  This is absolutely unnaceptable, but we are told that if we criticize Islam we are ‘Islamaphobes’.  Get over your fear and call them out for their viscious, despicable actions – Burkasrugly The evil just keeps marching on and on […]

A Ham Sandwich

Fellow infidels, Constantine comments on an attack on an infidel who was merely eating a ham sandwich in front of Muslim savages.  Their attacks are getting tiresome – Burkasrugly From the Truth is Stranger than Fiction Department, comes this bona fide incident from France: “It sounds incredible but it is being treated with great seriousness […]

Muslims Not Offended By Beheadings, Stonings

Fellow infidels, Isn’t it sort of backwards that Muslims are not bothered AT ALL by beheading their fellow Muslims, gang-raping and then stoning their women to death, ‘marrying’ prepubescent Muslim girls, forcing Muslim girls to undergo excruciatingly painful clitorectomies, etc., but yet they can go ballistic over mere words or a stupid cartoon from us […]

Allen West Refutes Bill Cosby's Ignorance About Islam

Fellow infidels, If a man as intelligent as Bill Cosby is ignorant about Islam, we have a lot of work to do.  People will HAVE to become familiar with the tenents of radical Islam if we are ever to purge it from our midst.  Allen West schooled Cosby on the violence in Islam, especially against women.  […]

Denial Of Islamic Atrocities Is Like Orwellian Doublespeak

Fellow infidels, Below is an excellent interview featuring Robert Spencer.  He is being interviewed by Politichick’s  Anne-Marie Murrell. Spencer was in Los Angeles to speak at the American Freedom Alliance conference titled “Europe’s Last Stand?” In the video he addresses the insanity that is rampant in the world today….specifically the insanity of denying Islamic atrocities in the […]

Anjem Choudary, Jack-Ass Of Great Britain

Fellow infidels, Aside from being very dangerous, this spawn of Satan is a buffoon.  Even the Islamic imam and the muslima in this clip are clearly embarrassed by him. After all, he is not playing the taqqyia game well enough…he is telling infidels how he REALLY feels.  He refuses to condemn the beheading of Lee […]