I-S-L-A-M Spells Violent Jihad

Fellow infidels, How many so-called government leaders, academics, do-gooders, etc., make fools of themselves all day long by defending Islam when one or more of its adherents follows the Koran to a ‘t’ and murders an infidel?  Because, you see, we as infidels have to pay very close attention to the words Muslims spew forth […]

Great Britian Cowers Because Of Jihad Slashers

Fellow infidels, The Great British Empire has been reduced to cowering dhimmis?  Tell me it ain’t so!  They sure acted like it when they went and ‘bravely’ arrested their own citizens who took to social media to criticize Islam and its hordes of savage brutes, just like the two beasts who beheaded and disemboweled the […]

Louis Farrakhan, Leader Of The Nation of Islam And Anti-Semite

On Friday, May 17, Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Muslim extremist group, Nation of Islam, addressed a major Baptist Church in Detroit. The church called Fellowship Chapel granted permission for Farrakhan to speak to the congregation. The pastor is the Rev. Wendell Anthony, who is also the head of the NAACP in the Detroit area. […]

Beck: Don't Allow World Run By 'Crazy Ass Muslims'

Fellow infidels, The recent horrific beheading in broad daylight in the streets of London may be a turning point. Hopefully it woke up some of the Useful Idiots and the wussified dhimmis. However, you know that there will be people who defend the Muslim jihadists to their dying breath even as the Muslims are about […]

Meanwhile Back In Sweden

Fellow infidels, A beheading in broad daylight in London; several nights of rioting in Sweden.  Muslim agression is on the march.  And it will come here to America if something is not done.  Please read Constantine’s analysis of these events below – Burkasrugly The world’s attention has been rightly riveted on the horrible murder perpetuated on the streets […]

Progressives In Britain Invited Beheading

Fellow infidels, Michelle Malkin is absolutely correct about the PC progressive culture in England being responsible for the young British officer being beheaded in broad daylight yesterday.  Is this the same country that gave the world Winston Churchill???? Yes, they have brought the Muslim menace upon themselves, and it may be too late to stop […]

Steven Crowder: Jesus VS Mohammed

Fellow infidels, Steven Crowder is probably getting lots of death threats from the “Religion of Peace” after he posted the video below.  In it, he compares Jesus and Mohammed.  It has been said that the best humor has a grain of truth in it.  If that is true, then this video has some rockin’ humor […]

Muslims Behead Brit In London In Broad Daylight

Fellow infidels, The hits just keep coming….from the jihadists of Islam, that is.  Today, two of them beheaded a young British man in London.  In broad daylight. With people watching.  Don’t worry, though!  The Politically Correct Useful Idiots will wave their magic multicultural wand and make it all OK!  See no evil, hear no evil, speak […]

Radical Muslims Plan Bloodbath For American Kids

Fellow infidels, An area law enforcement officer gave a chilling and sobering presentation to members of ACT! for America (Jonesboro, AR chapter) last night (May 20, 2013).  He explained how terrorists may be targeting our children – Burkasrugly PS: When you click on the captured al-Qaeda tapes link, make sure you give it a little more time than […]

Hiding In Plain Sight

Fellow infidels, The Scarlet Pimpernel has a great idea that would use the burka against the followers of that woman-hating pedophile, Mohammed.  Why shouldn’t we use the symbol of their hateful subjugation of women against them?  They use our freedoms, laws, and our kind hearts against us. Burkas are truly ugly, but if they can be […]