DOJ Official Won't Say 'No' To U.S. Blasphemy Law

Fellow infidels, Obama’s pick for Labor Secretary, Tom Perez, who is currently head of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, will not give a definitive ‘No’ answer to the question proposed by Congressman Trent Franks of Arizona: “Will you tell us here today simply that this administration’s DOJ will never entertain or advance a proposal that […]

Finally, A Perfect World

Fellow infidels, This great article by former State Representative Jon Hubbard first appeared in the Jonesboro Sun last week – Burkasrugly President Barack Obama, with the willing assistance of the media, has finally enlightened conservatives to the fact that we have been fighting the wrong political battles for years. We were so caught up in our […]

Who Put The Pork In My Beef ?

Fellow infidels, Please welcome a new blogger – Laetus Porcus- Latin for “Happy Pig.”  Laetus  writes about the recent discovery that pork has been found in foods Muslims thought were safe from swine. What a  darn shame.  In any event, we infidels LOVE our pig!  We are most happy eating barbecue PORK sandwiches for dinner and […]

Oh No, Not The Easter Bunny !

Fellow infidels, Perhaps Muslims will be converted to Christianity through eating Cadbury cream eggs, a favorite candy that is available during the Easter season.  After all, Muslims have a rather dreary life of stoning and beheading people all day long. Maybe a Cadbury egg will mellow them out.  Read what that intrepid blogger, The Scarlet […]

ACT! for America Launches 'Americans United To Defend Free Speech'

Fellow infidels, Our most basic freedom, freedom of speech, is being attacked.  By Islam.  No, this is not the musings of a crazed ‘Islamaphobe.’  This is a fact as you will see in the video below.  I urge you to watch this because Guy Rodgers gives some shocking reports on very real threats to our free speech.  Islam […]

Slavery Is Alive And Well Thanks To Arab Muslims

Fellow infidels, You won’t find ‘The Reverends’ Jesse Jackson nor Al Sharpton protesting the brutal slavery that is going on right now in Africa.  The ‘Right Reverends’ are too busy shaking down rich American businesses who quake in their boots at the prospect of being branded ‘racists.’  The REAL racists, however, are Arab Muslims who […]

Easy Way For ACT! For America Members To Help Organization There is a way you can help Act! for America. Over 1200 merchants in the United States will donate a percentage of your purchase with them direct to Act! for America. This costs you nothing. If you are registered with the merchant they will give a percentage of your sales direct to our […]

Was Mohammed A Cross Dresser?

Fellow infidels, Now we can add to the list of Mohammed’s attributes: pedophile, woman-hating, Jew-hating cross-dresser. Quite impressive, huh? Watch the video and you will learn what verses support this assertion.  It is ironic that the Muslims in the video are harrassing a gay guy on a London street with makeup on while their prophet talks […]

Arkansas Rep.Tom Cotton (R) Speaks Against Islamic Jihad

Fellow infidels, For those of us fighting jihad we have a glimmer of hope in Arkansas. Representative Tom Cotton spoke at CPAC and had this to say about radical Islam: We need to pray for this man and watch closely to see if he follows through.  He needs our support and encouragement, or they will […]