Texas Students Encouraged To Wear Burkas Without Parents Knowledge

Fellow infidels, It is surprising that in Texas of all places the school system is stealthily trying to implement Sharia law under the guise of learning about other cultures. Apparently, some parents did not learn of their daughters donning burkas as part of the curriculum until they saw pictures of them on Facebook!  This is cultural jihad, designed […]

Islamic Court Imposes 100 Lashes On Teenage Rape Victim

Fellow infidels, This is Sharia Law, pure and simple! And there are some people in America who refuse to stop Islamic Law from being implemented in our court system. Oh, by the way, there ARE Sharia courts in the United States. Oh, you didn’t know that? And you will be surprised to know that TEXAS, […]

Another Memphis Area Church Throws Jesus Under The Bus

Fellow infidels, If you, being a follower of Christ in the Christian nation of America, were to hear of an event called ‘The Man Who Changed The World’ whom would you assume that man would be?  Well, if you are talking about the aforementioned event that will be hosted at Heartsong United Methodist Church in […]

Imam Rauf Allowed To Spread Islam At Memphis Church

Fellow infidels, Turning a deaf ear to protests from many in the Christian community, officials at the Calvary Episcopal Church in Memphis allowed  Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, aka the controversial Ground Zero Mosque Imam, to speak at the Lenten Preaching Series this past Monday, Feb. 25, 2013.  Watch him in action below.  He tries – […]

Charles Martel And The Battle Of Tours

Fellow infidels, We owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to Charles ‘the Hammer’ Martel.  If not for him, Western culture may very well have been wiped out by the Muslim hordes that tried to take over Europe – Burkasrugly In 632 A.D. Mohammed died, leaving Islam as the sole religion in the Arabian Peninsula. Less […]

Virginia Iman Praises Arms For Jihad

Fellow infidels, As Ronald Reagan would say, “there they go again.”  They Muslims are playing the victim in order to justify their violent jihad against the West.  These people and their evil, Satanic ideology need to go back home because this type of hateful dictatorial political movement is not welcome here. Sure, some foolish Americans […]

Mohammed And Jesus: A Negative Comparison

Jesus never murdered anyone. Jesus never raped a woman. Jesus never engaged in pedophilia. Jesus never taught a woman was worth half a man. Jesus never taught that women should be stoned. Jesus never lied about his religious agenda. Jesus never practiced sacred deception. Jesus never tortured a human being. Jesus never enslaved anyone. Jesus […]

And So It Begins

Fellow infidels, Will any of the liberal media keep up with and report attacks by Muslims on non-Muslims? Don’t hold your breath.  Not to worry…Constantine, who does the job that the mainstream media refuses to do,  will keep you informed.  Check out his blog – Burkasrugly Yesterday, Tuesday, February 19, we crossed a new and dangerous […]

Arkansas Action Alert! American Laws For American Courts Legislation

Fellow infidels, We need your help….the ALAC legislation will be heard by the Judiciary Committee tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m.  Below is a link to the list of committee members. Please contact as many of these people as you can…be courteous, but firm.  Ask them to SUPPORT  HB1348. http://www.arkansashouse.org/committee/820/judiciary-committee-house *** ARKANSAS ACTION ALERT! *** SHOW YOUR SUPPORT […]