With Apologies To Roy Orbison

Fellow infidels, The Scarlet Pimpernel has discovered one Muslim that has a sense of humor…a rarity in a world where people view beheadings as entertainment – Burkasrugly In my last blog I was bemoaning the fact that Muslims are not able to laugh at their own religious practices. I need to issue a retraction. Believe […]

America Should Fund American Kids, Not Hamas Rockets

Fellow infidels, Wild Bill for America is back with a great video.  As Wild Bill points out, because of  immoral tax policies, Barack Insane Obama has put up roadblocks that discourage good people from being able to give money to charities…including those that take care of American children.  Instead, he is happy allowing our hard-earned […]

Israel, A Little Country With A Big Heart

Fellow infidels, Despite the ravings of lunatic Muslims, Leftists, and other traitors to humanity, the truth is that Israel and the United States are the lights of the free, civilized world.  As Wild Bill for America points out, whenever there is a disaster in the world, the U.S. and Israel are the first to offer […]

More Threats Of Rape By The Religion Of Peace

Fellow infidels, Muslims continue to prove our point that a number of them are violent, women-hating beasts. Check this blog out from Logan’s Warning where one Muslim threatened violence: “dream on, you already have a muslim as president and your fat butt is still attached to your chair, what will happen is that America will cease to […]

Raped Woman Gets 100 Lashes; Muslim Rapist Gets Off Free

Fellow infidels, Constantine is back with a story that will make you very angry.  Sadly, this story about a woman in Afghanistan who was raped then blamed for the rape is all too common in Muslim countries.  A large portion of Muslims prefer to live like cavemen did thousands of years ago.  This woman was […]

Pro-American Calendar Will Irritate Liberals

Fellow infidels, Wild Bill for America has a great idea for a gift.  Even though it is getting late for Christmas shopping, many of you might want to purchase one of these calendars to irritate the Left.  At least that is what we like to do…especially the enemies of freedom from Islamic hell.  Please take […]

Muslim Nearly Beheads 10-year-old In Buffalo, NY

Fellow infidels,  More evidence of the evil that is Islam…this man beat his 10-year-old stepson to death with a bat. This happened in Buffalo (do you remember the Buffalo Beheader?). The man beat this poor child so hard and so many times that he separated the child’s head from the spinal cord, crushing the back of […]

The Criminal God

Fellow infidels, Constantine hits the bullseye again with this spot-on assessment  of the Satanic religion, Islam – Burkasrugly The Grand Ayatollah Ahmad Al Baghdadi Al Hassani of Iraq recently appeared on Egyptian TV. He gave his approval to murder all Christian men who refused to convert to Islam. Then he declared their wives and daughters […]

Krauthammer: Islam Cannot, Will Not Succeed

Fellow infidels, One of the brightest conservative minds, Dr. Charles Krauthammer, says that Islamism as a form of governance cannot and will not succeed. He points out the fact that the younger generation in Iran detests their Islamist government.  Remember, this is the regime that Obama helped by NOT helping the young protesters.  Yet he supports […]