Jewish Mom Opens a Can of "Whup Ass" On Muslim Terrorist

Fellow infidels, The Scarlet Pimpernel is back with a story of how a young Jewish woman stopped a Muslim monster from murdering her and her children  – Burkasrugly The following is a true story. In the wee hours of Monday Mrs. Yael Matzpun was asleep in her home in Israel. About 3:50 a.m. a terrorist […]

Gird Your Loins! The Fight For America Has Just Begun

Fellow infidels, After a proper period of mourning, it is now time for patriots to get back in the saddle and continue fighting for our country again!  There is no one who is more uplifting than Wild Bill for America.  Watch below – Burkasrugly Until next time, Burkasrugly

Horrific Female Circumcision Practiced In Islam

Fellow infidels, Jan Sobieski has a short, but very important blog he wants to share with you – Burkasrugly It is very sad that these poor, unfortunate girls are forced to have this horrific and very unsanitary procedure done on them.  These folks live in the Stone Age!  They use camel dung to put on […]

How Old Is Old Enough ?

Fellow infidels, It seems like religious fanatics often have one thing in common – deviant sexual desires.  Take, for instance the infamous Warren Jeffs, the disgraced leader of a radical sect of Mormons who practice polygamy.  Jeffs, who calls himself a ‘prophet’ (oh boy, where have we heard this before), is a sexual pervert who lusted […]

Mohammed: Islamic Super Stud (PG rated)

Fellow infidels, Apparently, Mohammed was quite the stud.  So much so that he could have had a very lucrative career starring in porn flicks if he lived today.  Seriously, the focus on sex by Muslim men is disgusting and an insult to their women. These are the same women they are supposed to treat ‘like jewels.’ The Scarlet […]

Wild Bill Addresses Idiot Who Claims 'The Jews Did It'

Fellow infidels, Wild Bill must be hitting a nerve because some Israel-hater wants him to shut up. In this case, the guy is another kook who claims that the Jews carried out the 9-11 attacks.  Wild Bill, please continue what you are doing and our advice is to bring it on even more! Burkasrugly Until […]

Saudi Women Tracked Like Dogs

Fellow infidels, Oh, the joys of being a woman in Saudi Arabia!  They have the privilege of wearing those lovely cloth coffins that are so stifling in the desert heat.  They get to be beaten by their husbands….you remember…those guys that claim that they treat their women LIKE JEWELS.  Um, hmmm. Now, according to an […]

The Problem With Islam

Fellow infidels, Constantine has broken it all down for us…Mohammed was considered  the prototype of the perfect man…a pedophile, woman-hater, violent political leader who used religion as an excuse for all of this.  Read it and pass on to your cluless liberal friends. – Burkasrugly The Prophet Mohammed is considered the ideal man worthy of […]

Israel News Talk Network – Israel's Truth Cannon

Fellow infidels, You know the Israel-haters – including the American Left and Islamic jihadists – are not happy that Israel News Talk Network is launching to take on the lies of the Muslim/Liberal media.  Well, we at the Jonesboro, AR ACT! for America chapter could not be happier!  Wild Bill for America explains further – Burkasrugly Until next […]

The Israeli-Hamas Conflict And Hudna

Fellow infidels, Constantine explains another one of Islam’s tricks that is used to twist the facts in the ongoing Middle East conflict – Burkasrugly Everyone is pressuring Israel to declare a truce with Hamas and suspend military operations against Gaza. Israel is being painted as the bully boy in the most dangerous neighborhood in the […]