Leave No Man Behind?

Fellow infidels, Robert Norvell has agreed to let us reprint his recent letter to the editor that appeared in the Jonesboro Sun – Burkasrugly On September 11, 2012 our Embassy in Benghazi, Libya was attacked in a deliberate. calculated, planned operation by the terrorist group Ansar al-Sharia. All embassies are considered by international law as […]

Democrats Say No To God

Fellow infidels, But you can be sure they say ‘yes’ to Islam.  It is apparent in many ways, they way they won’t even say the word ‘terrorism’ and the way they won’t even admit that the Fort Hood attack was a terrorist attack.  They say it was ‘workplace violence.’  Baloney!!! Below is a great ad […]

We Do Not Analyze Objectively

Fellow infidels, Please welcome a new blogger – The Watchman…..Burkasrugly I recently read a review on Al-Shebab. It begins with a well written synopsis of who this terrorist organization is, where they function and what they do. However, the conclusion reached by the analyst seeks to achieve a politically correct conclusion, obviously trying to provide […]

White European Christian Slaves Taken By Muslim Raiders

Fellow infidels, If you thought that Africans were the only people who have been slaves, think again.  And if you think that it started in America then you are way off.  Read the blog below by Constantine and your eyes will be opened – Burkasrugly In America we normally think of slaves as being Africans. […]

Allen West Understands Islamic Threat

Fellow infidels, Allen West thoroughly understands the threat from Islam and is not afraid to speak the truth.  To say that he is not Politically Correct is a monumental understatement.  We need men and women of courage like Congressman West to represent us. You will love his new video below – Burkasrugly Until next time, Burkasrugly