Lies, Lies, And More (Deadly) Lies

Fellow infidels, Barack Obama has nearly run this nation into the ground.  If it weren’t for the good people of America we would already be finished.  Hopefully, we will be able to take our country back in November.  Check out Constantine’s newest blog. – Burkasrugly Obama has certainly told his share of lies. He promised to […]

Word To Rioting Muslims: Go To Hell

Fellow infidels, Pat Condell is not known for being subtle and his recent video condemning the insane rioting in the Middle East is no exception.  Pat says what millions and millions of Westerners say every day to each other in coffee shops, in e-mails, in their homes, and in telephone conversations.  People are more than fed […]

It's 1938 Again

Fellow infidels, It has been said that history repeats itself. That may be true because we (or the leaders we choose) often forget the lessons from the past.  The signs all point to the world having to fight another set of monsters that are similar to Hitler and Mussolini. Yet these monsters may get their […]

Obama Would Love To Oversee The Destruction Of Israel

Fellow infidels, We have featured Wild Bill on this blog before. The man is a straight-talking Christian who has a way with words.  In this short video he talks about how we owe a lot to our Jewish brothers and sisters (and we wholeheartedly agree with him), and that the fake Christians will be crawling […]

You Didn't Build That; You Stole That

Fellow infidels, If you still believe that the “Religion of Peace” has only peace-loving adherents, then you need to read the following blog by Strider the Ranger – Burkasrugly No, this isn’t another countless editorial or blog about that now famous dictum of Barack Hussein Obama. This about that other Muslim, Mohammed the prophet, the […]

Mad Mullah Gets The Crap Beat Out Of Him !

Fellow infidels, Another masterpiece by the Scarlet Pimpernel – Mad Mullah Gets The Crap Beat Out Of Him! (By Two Teenaged Girls) An Iranian cleric was beaten up by two teen girls in Shahmirzaad, Iran. According to the Imam he was walking to the mosque when he encountered the two young ladies dressed “inappropriately” (That’s […]

Muslim Rioting, Violence Getting Tiring

Fellow infidels, Pat Condell has a few words for the Muslims who have been rioting lately. For being dubbed the “Religion of Peace” they sure have not been living up to their name.  The rest of the world – that’s 4.5 billion people- are getting tired of all this stinkin’ violence.  Citizens around the globe […]

And It's Worth Fighting For!

Fellow infidels, Please welcome another new blogger – Strider the Ranger From Two Towers, the second work of J.R.R. Tolkien’s trilogy, in a moment of total despair and exhaustion we hear this conversation between the two Hobbits, Frodo and his devoted friend Sam. Frodo has wearied of carrying the Ring of Power that corrupts all […]

Muslim Cleric Wants Free Speech Outlawed In America

Fellow infidels, There will be those who say it will never happen here…that we Americans will never be forced to live under Sharia law.  However, with our spineless leaders today it is not outside the realm of possibility that Hillary Clinton’s Global Blasphemy Law would become a reality through the auspices of the (Muslim) United […]

Islamic Organization Wants Worldwide Blasphemy Law

Fellow infidels, We want to welcome a couple of new bloggers on board.  The following blog is written by Jan Sobieski .  Watch future blogs for our new bloggers- Burkasrugly Today is the day to start fighting back the radical Islamists.  Not tomorrow; not next week; and not next month.  Waiting is not an option.  Volunteer […]