Further Revelations From Teddy Roosevelt On Islam

Fellow infidels, Constantine has a few things to say about Teddy Roosevelt and what this president had to say about Islam – Burkasrugly In 1916 Theodore Roosevelt, former President of the United States, wrote a book entitled “Fear God and Take Your Own Part”. His advice is uncannily relevant almost a century later. We should […]

Texas Pig Farmer Won't Move To Accomodate Muslims

Fellow Infidels, Why would Muslims knowingly purchase land adjacent to a pig farm and expect the pig farmer to move to accommodate their new mosque they are planning to build? I suppose it was a shock to the Muslims because in Muslim majority countries they can do just about anything to an infidel and get […]

Muslim Brotherhood Influence With Feds Should Be Eyed

Fellow infidels, Below is a copy of an  e-mail that the ACT! for America headquarters sent out recently.  We are asking that you join with others in support of the Congressmen (and Congresswoman) who have stood up and called for an investigation into the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood within certain federal agencies.  Please click […]

Churchill On Militant Islam

People forget now but Winston Churchill as a young British military officer got up close and personal with the nastier aspects of Islam. He first served in the North West Frontier Province of what was then British India (now Pakistan). Churchill was in the expeditionary force that relieved the siege of Malakind. This siege was instituted by […]

Rep. Gohmert Concerned About Radical Muslim In Homeland Security

Fellow infidels, Watch the incompetent head of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, try to get out of answering a simple yes or  no question about a shady character named Mohamed Elibiary, who was appointed to the Homeland Security Advisory Council. He is allegedly affiliated with the Islamic Freedom and Justice Party in Egypt.  This man does […]

'Koran Thumpers' Irritate Wild Bill

Fellow infidels, I never heard the term ‘Koran Thumpers’ before, but it does have a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?  Especially for those folks who are constantly being lambasted as ‘Bible Thumpers’ for pointing out things that should be obvious to even the most brainless ninny – like RADICAL ISLAM IS NO GOOD!!!. Nevertheless, Wild Bill has […]

Hillary Clinton Tight With Muslim Sisterhood

Fellow infidels, Hillary Clinton was not very well liked when she was first lady of Arkansas, and the entire United States is finding out why we had her number.  Clinton’s right-hand woman is Anthony Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin.  Huma’s mother, Dr. Saleha Mahmood Abedin, has been identified in Saudi Arabia as one of the founding members of the […]

Bulgarian Jew Murderer Freed From Gitmo In 2004

Fellow infidels, Brietbart.com reports that the suicide bomber that killed several Jewish tourists including children has been identified as Mehdi Ghezali. He had been detained at Gitmo Bay in Cuba from 2002 to 2004. Of course, don’t look to the media to highlight this inconvenient little fact.  It won’t fit into the template that they and the liberal Democrats […]

Missouri Muslim Claims Jews Not Killed In 9-11

Fellow infidels, MD Alam is running for Secretary of State in Missouri and heads the National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus, a group sponsored by the Democratic National Committee. Alam also believes no Jews died during the attacks of 9/11 and has made statements that infer Jews were involved in the attack itself. This man […]