Islam: The Religion Of Atrocity

For the umpteenth time, the word Islam does not mean peace! Clinton, Bush and Obama, not withstanding, Islam means submission. Submission means subordination, a nicer word for abject slavery. It would be far more accurate to say Islam means war, torture, slavery, abuse, murder and barbarism. Conciseness dictates that Islam is a religion of atrocity. […]

Tell The Truth !

In early 1942 just as the U.S. had entered World War II General George C. Marshall proposed a series of documentaries entitled “Why We Fight”. He asked the great Hollywood director Frank Capra to produce the series. Frank Capra seeking a sense of direction asked General Marshall for instructions. General Marshall replied. “Tell the Truth; […]

Reagan's Take On Islam: The New Evil Empire

Fellow infidels, Ronald Reagan gave a speech to the National Association of Evangelicals on March 8, 1983 in Orlando, Florida. This is his famous “Evil Empire” speech that drove the liberal media into a mad-dog rage.  They were afraid – absolutely terrified – that President Reagan’s truthful assessment of Soviet Russia and its evil, totalitarian […]

'Defamation Of Religion' Resolution A Joke

Fellow infidels, The ‘Defamation of Religion’ resolution that the Organization of Islamic Congress (OIC) wants to push through the UN is a blatant attempt to silence any true examination of Islam.  Because if anyone gives it a thorough and objective look, the only conclusion that anyone can come up with is that it is a […]