Twenty-Four Years Later

Fellow infidels, Constantine comments about the Lockerbie bomber – Burkasrugly Yesterday Abdel Baset al-Megrahi died of prostate cancer in Libya. He died at home, in his own bed, surrounded by friends. He was 60 years old. You might ask who was this man ? Al-Megrahi was the greatest mass murderer in British history. His toll of victims […]

Going To Heaven (Islamic Style)

Fellow infidels, How do the three major monotheistic religions compare in terms of requirements for going to Heaven?  That is the subject of Constantine’s blog – Burkasrugly The three great monotheistic religions are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Judaism is the oldest of these religions, while Islam is the newest . Islam comes almost 600 years […]

Bill O'Reilly Turns Dhimmi; Grovels To Imam Rauf

Fellow infidels, Bill O’Reilly did more sucking up than a Hoover vacuum cleaner last night on “The Factor” when he groveled to Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, aka the Ground Zero Mosque imam. O’Reilly should be known as the Irish Dhimmi from this point forward.  I was thoroughly embarrassed by this shameful dhimmi display.  Not since Barack Obama […]

Christians United For Israel Representative Speaks To ACT! For America Group

Fellow infidels, Retired Colonel John Somerville spoke to a packed house tonight at a special meeting of the Jonesboro, AR chapter of ACT! for America. He spent 30 years as a Marine Corps officer with most of his career being in intelligence. He served in the Middle East including Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt and Israel. Over […]

Mainstream Media, Liberals Ignore Muslim Honor Killing Victims

Fellow infidels, You might be an “Islamaphobe” if you stand up for young Muslim women who are viciously murdered by their families. These young women are condemned for committing the “crime” of dishonoring their families in some way. Or you might be an “Islamaphobe” if you hold a conference in honor of one of these women, Jessica […]

Muslim Brotherhood Meets To Re-elect Obama

Fellow infidels, A Muslim Brotherhood front group, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) will hold a pro-shariah Conference in Tampa, Florida on May 11 – 13, 2012. The Conference will be at the Hilton Hotel Airport 2225 North Lois Avenue, Tampa FL. ISNA is a cultural jihad organization that has been designated as an […]