The Book The Mullahs DON'T Want You To Read

Fellow infidels, In his latest installment, Constantine clues us in to a book that Islamic mullahs don’t want you to read – Burkasrugly There is a book out there that the Mullahs definitely hope you never read. The full title is called: “The Reliance of the Traveller: A Manual of Classic Islamic Sacred Law”. You […]

Muslim Terror Group Hezbollah Embedded In U.S.

Fellow infidels, As Representative Peter King said in his opening statements at last Wednesday’s House Committee on Homeland Security meeting, Hezbollah is in America and it is “Iran’s number one proxy force.”  He explains that there are possibly hundreds of Hezbollah operatives right here in the U.S. We appreciate Rep. King for his efforts to […]

Radical Aspects Of Islam Continue To Be Ignored By Media

Fellow Infidels, As Pat Condell points out in his most recent video, the media is doing spectacular contortions in order to keep from telling the truth about Islam and its radical tendencies. Mr. Condell is right on target with his analysis. Please send this blog to a liberal who needs to be woken up to this madness. […]

Muslims Using Textbooks To Indoctrinate School Children

Fellow infidels, Islam is portrayed in a much more favorable light than Christianity and Judaism in many American textbooks.  Please take a look at the videos below and pass on to your friends who may have children or grandchildren in school.  It is a good thing that children are taught about world religions.  However, there […]

Petition To Declare Muslim Brotherhood A Terrorist Organization

Fellow infidels, Dick Morris has a petition on his website that you can sign that will automatically send a copy of the petition letter to your senators, congressmen and President Obama. Please go here to Dick Morris’ website and check it out.  You can also look on the right side of this blog to find […]

Boko Haram REALLY Means Boko Halal

Fellow infidels, The Scarlet Pimpernel is back with some information about the terrorist organization called Boko Haram – Burkasrugly By now nearly everyone on planet Earth has heard of Boko Haram, the ultra violent Muslim terrorist group from northern Nigeria. Boko Haram has waged war on Christians and the Nigerian police. Without mercy they have bombed churches, Christian businesses […]

Bribed By Saudi Money, U.S. Schools Allow Islamic Indoctrination

Fellow infidels, This is a very, very serious situation that we are facing…namely the indoctrination of our children to hate the country we love so well. It is not only America that is being torn down, but it is our Christian heritage that is being assaulted. Please take a few minutes to watch this very […]

Your Guaranteed Rights Under Sharia Law

Fellow infidels, Constantine warns against the danger of allowing Islamic Sharia law to creep into our legal system. – Burkasrugly If in 10 or 20 or 30 years through our neglect and apathy we lose our Constitutional form of government including the Bill of Rights to the steady but sure advancement of Islamic Sharia Law […]

Mohammed's Birthday To Be National Holiday "Like Christmas"?

Fellow infidels, This is definitely not the America we grew up in.  The thought of allowing a barbaric woman-hating, pedophile to be given such an honor in a Christian, yes I said CHRISTIAN, nation is an absolute abomination!  To elevate his birthday to the level of Christ’s birthday would be blasphemy. If I didn’t read it […]