Nonie Darwish Speech Interrupted By Radicals At UNM

Fellow infidels, It seems as if Leftist radicals think they are the only ones who have a right to freedom of speech in America. Watch how they try to disrupt Nonie Darwish’s speech at the University of New Mexico.  By the way, Darwish spoke at Arkansas State University in October. Fortunately, it appears that order was restored […]

No Room In America For Islamic Sharia Law

Fellow infidels, The Scarlet Pimpernel reminds Americans of Teddy Roosevelt’s words of wisdom – Burkasrugly. Three days before Theodore Roosevelt died he penned the following words: “In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith and becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be […]

Christians Turn Other Cheek While Muslims Blaspheme Jesus

Fellow infidels, The contrast is huge between Christians and Muslims.  This week Muslims in Afghanistan have murdered several people, including American troops, during violent riots in response to reports that several pages of a Koran were mistakenly burned. Desecration of the Koran is forbidden in Islam. The adherents of “The Religion of Peace” are not living […]

Prominent Atheist Not Offended By Nativity Scene

Fellow Infidels, Pat Condell, who is an atheist, says he is not offended by the Nativity scene.  It makes one wonder who is behind the effort to get such things banished from the public sphere.  Would the Useful Idiots who appease the Muslim world band together to get all traces of Islamic “culture” erased?  Say, […]

Islam Appeasers Creating Western Backlash

Fellow infidels, There is a rising tide of anger directed at those who want to appease Islam and its murderous culture. The leftists/progressives who want to accommodate insane Islamic demands are merely Useful Idiots for this hateful ideology.  They deserve to have to live under the iron fist of Islamic totalitarianism, but we do not.  […]

Student Quits Choir Due To Islamic Proselytizing Verses

Fellow infidels, The civilization jihad just keeps coming.  Check out this video of a Colorado high school student who quit the choir rather than sing a verse in an Islamic song that states “There is no other truth than Allah.”  This student is a brave kid…more adults should have the guts that this kid has. […]

Daily Kos Sacks Eric Allen Bell For Telling Truth About Islam

Fellow infidels, It is pretty bad when an award-winning LIBERAL filmmaker gets booted off the liberal Daily Kos reservation when he simply tells the truth about Islam.  For merely asking pertinent questions and quoting from the Koran and the Hadith, he has become persona non grata to the ultra-liberals at the Daily Kos.  That’s ok, Eric, […]

Churchill's Advice Relevant To Radical Islam Problem

Fellow infidels, Constantine has compiled some very relevant quotes from Sir Winston Churchill from the WWII era that can apply to our time….especially with the radical Islamic threat that we face. Burkasrugly “The Americans will always do the right thing…after they’ve exhausted the alternatives.” “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile-hoping it will eat […]

Muslim Cleric Advocates Murder Of Jewish Babies In Womb

Fellow infidels, In an article on The Blaze titled “Egyptian Journalist Calls Out ‘Terroristic, Hypocritical’ Muslims for Defaming Islam and Muhammed” journalist Ahmed El Aswany, an Egyptian Muslim, said it is not the West that is defaming Islam with cartoons, books and free speech, but rather Muslims “for imposing a terroristic, hypocritical, and life-hating Islamic model […]

Liberal Filmaker Discovers The Truth About Islam

Fellow infidels, Liberal filmmaker Eric Allen Bell has been banned from blogging at the Daily Kos because he began to tell the truth about Islam….not just the liberal line.  He was making a documentary in Murfreesboro, Tennessee about the recent mosque controversy.  In a piece on titled  “The High Price of Telling the Truth […]