Muslims Teaching Their Children To Hate

Fellow Infidels, Watch this shocking video to see proof that Muslims have been teaching their children to hate. These people are desperately in need of prayer! To the REAL God, Jesus Christ! Shocking, isn’t it?  Now, who are the haters? Until next time, Burkasrugly

Former Muslim Exposes Borders Bookstore Bowing To Islam

Fellow Infidels, This brave young former Muslim girl has proof that another American company has bent to Islam. Remember, Sharia and Islam are slowly creeping into our society. If they are successful in these small changes, what is next? Until next time, Burkasrugly

Surprise! Massacre In Texas Was Islamic Honor Killing

Fellow Infidels, We felt there was something a little….odd about the Christmas massacre in Texas, but the mainstream media tried to hide it as long as they could.  You have heard of it…the guy in the Santa suit killed 7 people including himself. Well, the details  have now come out, but the media will scramble like […]

Muslic Cleric Says Jesus Would Implement Sharia Law

Fellow Infidels, Our “friend” Anjem Choudary should stop running his mouth when he doesn’t have any clue as to what he is talking about.  His ignorant statement that Jesus would come back, break the cross and implement Sharia (Islamic) law is about as ridiculous as it comes. You can watch the video here at MEMRI. He even […]

Twin Towers Attack Joyously Commemorated On Muslim Shirts

Fellow Infidels, A picture is worth a thousand words. This is a slap in the face of every American who died in the vicious Muslim attack on 9-11.  It is like a thousand knives in the hearts of the victim’s family members. Absolutely disgusting. Don’t believe for a minute that the “Religion of Peace” and its adherents regret in any way […]

Muslim Punches Midwife While Wife Is In Labor

Fellow infidels, Talk about idiots, this French Muslim man is a complete and thorough idiot. He was more concerned with the crazy need to keep his wife covered from head to toe than with her health or the health of their baby. This story illustrates the idiocy of the adherents of the cult of Islam. […]

Mainstream American Media Protecting CAIR

Fellow infidels, We have a new guest blogger, Fishin’ Guy, who has written about the way the mainstream media is undermining our culture by not doing their job.  Burkasrugly – If the mainstream media had been doing its job they would have been reporting extensively on the largest terrorism-finance trial in American history. The Holy […]

Muslim Chops Off Wife's Fingers For Studying

Fellow Infidels, It is very hard to keep up with what these monsters do every day.  Surely, not every Muslim is this way.  However, they need to realize that this is THEIR problem, NOT a plot by non-Muslims who are crazed “Islamaphobes.” (This is a made-up word, but that is another blog). The violence against women is […]

Muslim Kidnaps, Rapes 110-year-old Woman

Fellow infidels, File this one under the “I didn’t think they could sink any lower” file. This vile Islamic monster kidnapped and raped a 110-year-old woman. We wonder if she will now be sentenced to be stoned to death. After all, it is all her fault for bringing “dishonor” onto her family, according to Sharia […]

Criticism Of Islam, Mohammed May Land Americans In Jail Soon

Fellow infidels, You have our wonderful Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to thank for this outrage.   Later this month, she is slated to meet with Organization of Islamic Cooperation to help them figure out how they can implement a blasphemy law to stop criticism of Islam in the United States. According to Family Security Matters,  At the […]