In Their Own Words

Fellow Infidels, Constantine is back with some very damning evidence of the evil of the law known as Sharia.  The evidence is not in his words, but in the words of radical Muslims and straight from Islam’s holy book, the Koran.  Burkasrugly Radical Islamists keep telling us (ad nauseam) that Sharia is compatible with the […]

Burkas: The Perfect Halloween Costume

Fellow Infidels, Ladies, Pat Condell has come up with a great idea for a Halloween costume….the burka!  It so ugly and horrifying that it would be the perfect get-up to scare your friends and neighbors with!  And the color….black….why its just right for emphasizing the evil aspect of radical Islam….I mean Halloween.  Watch and listen to Pat’s monologue […]


Fellow infidels, Welcome our newest contributor….The Scarlet Pimpernel. Enjoy. On May 6, 2010 the Rev. Franklin Graham was disinvited by the Pentagon from speaking at the National Day of Prayer. According to Webster’s Dictionary the word “disinvite” means “to withdraw an invitation”. In 2001 Franklin Graham characterized radical Islam as evil. In the coming months […]

Muslims Fail To Silence Nonie Darwish At Arkansas State University

Fellow infidels, Even in a small Southern college town in the middle of the Bible Belt, the  Muslim Student Association, which has reportedly had some ties to terrorists, is trying to exert its influence – Burkasrugly   The Muslim Student Association, using its usual scare tactics, failed to stop anti-sharia speaker Nonie Darwish last Tuesday night, October 11, […]

Sharia Law Is Not Just For Muslims

Fellow infidels, Guest blogger Galileo has written an excellent assessment of Sharia law and how it can affect not just Muslims, but infidels like us. Burkasrugly No matter how you feel about women drivers, I think you would all agree that women should have the right to drive. Not Saudi Arabia. Last week a woman […]