Islam Should Not Be Classified As A Religion

Islam is not a religion, but should be classified as the hybrid religio-socio-political belief system it is, according to Rebecca Bynum, author of the new book, “Allah is Dead: Why Islam is Not a Religion.” Bynum addressed the Jonesboro chapter of ACT! For America last Thursday night. Some may consider the title of the book […]

Islamic U.N. Group Seeks To Silence Free Speech In America

Fellow Infidels, Pat Condell practically begs us Americans to protect the Constitution, particularly the First Amendment, with every ounce of strength we have.  I agree 1,000 percent with him.  Otherwise, the blasphemy law that the Organization of Islamic Conference wants to pass, will seriously damage our freedom of speech.   No “city on a hill” anymore.  […]

ASU Herald Fooled By Islamic Taqqyia?

Fellow Infidels, Surfing the web earlier this week, I read an editorial by a Saudi student at Arkansas State University.  The title of the article was  “Muslim Student Reflects On Tragedy.”  The student either does not know his religion very well and is very naive, or he is practicing what is called “taqqyia.”  Taqqyia is “deception of […]

Rape – The Vicious Tactic of Jihad

Fellow infidels, Constantine addresses the issue of rape by Muslim gangs.  Burkasrugly From Somalia in the south to Stockholm in the north, from Lahore in the east to London in the west, there is a tremendous resurgence of rapes carried out by gangs of radical Muslim men. Rape has always been a tool of Islamic […]

Top Ten Reasons

Fellow Infidels, Constantine defends ACT! for America. Burkasrugly Recently, the Council on American Islamic Relations asked Congressman Allen West to renounce his ties to Brigitte Gabriel, President for Act! for America. Congressman West refused to do so, and issued his now-famous NUTS! reply. West was quoting General Anthony McAuliffe’s storied response to the German demand that the […]