ACT! for America IS A Human Rights Organization

Fellow Infidels, Constantine has a great blog about ACT! for America.  Enjoy.  Burkasrugly ACT! for America is not a racist, hatemongering, Islamophobic, bigoted organization.  In fact, if you look at the values we believe, you will discover exactly the opposite. First of all, we are non-partisan.  Our membership is open to liberals or conservatives, Democrats […]

Islam Encourages Savage Rapes Of Non-Muslim Women

Fellow Infidels, Muslim men are taught to be ravenous, violent rapists.  Even animals do not do this.  Pat Condell is correct…this is cultural jihad.  Listen to what he says: [youtube=] We simply cannot allow this to pass without comment.  Pass this video along….even to your liberal friends.  After all, aren’t they all for women’s rights?  […]

The Netherlands To Abandon Multiculturalism

Fellow Infidels, Great news…the Netherlands is officially abandoning multiculturalism.  Yes, you read it correctly.  They are making an about-face.  The Dutch government says it will abandon the long-standing model of multiculturalism that has encouraged Muslim immigrants to create a parallel society within the Netherlands. The story, that appeared in Hudson New York, went on to […]

Dr. Bill Warner Addresses Jonesboro ACT! For America Part 2

Fellow Infidels, This is the second part of the report on Dr. Bill Warner’s address to the Jonesboro, AR chapter of ACT! for America.  Burkasrugly Muslims have ethical options that non-Muslims do not have, says Dr. Bill Warner, an expert on Islamic political doctrine. He explained that in Western civilization our guiding light is the […]

Dr. Bill Warner Addresses Jonesboro, AR ACT! for America

Fellow Infidels, Dr. Bill Warner was the guest speaker for the Jonesboro, Arkansas chapter of ACT! for America last night (June 21, 2011).  He also was on the Paul Harrell radio show for the entire two hours.  This is Part 1 of the report on his presentation.   Burkasrugly Dr. Warner has been a university professor, […]

Wasting Half Of Your Intellectual Capital

Constantine stands up for women in his latest installment.  Burkasrugly Constantine has noted of late that there have been many articles explaining why Islamic culture is so backward and poverty-stricken. Although the situation is somewhat complex, one glaring fact has been overlooked. Islam throws away half of its intellectual capital. Women and their potential intellectual capabilities […]

Robert Spencer On Islam, "Shark Of Human Cultures"

Fellow Infidels, This is the second installment of the report on Robert Spencer’s speech to the Memphis ACT! for America chapter on June 15th. Instead of shunning this man, one day some of our so-called leaders will be turning to him for advice when they realize that he was right and they were wrong. Hopefully that day will be […]

Robert Spencer Speaks At ACT! for America In Memphis

Fellow Infidels, Burkasrugly recently had the pleasure of hearing Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer speak to the Memphis chapter of ACT! for America, and was granted a personal interview with him.  Here is Part 1 of several installments. Enjoy. There are a few brave souls who are on the front lines of the war against […]

A New Grand Alliance

Fellow infidels, Constantine points out the similarities between what is happening in the world today with radical Islam and how it relates to the Nazi problem during WWII…Burkasruly During World War II some of the British public were critical of Winston Churchill’s alliance with the Soviet Union. To which Churchill replied, “If Hitler invaded Hell […]