I Read Your Book

Fellow Infidels, Constantine points out the value of knowing the enemy. There is a great scene in the movie “Patton” where George Patton wins his first victory over the German General Rommel. Patton  states, “Rommel, you magnificent bas#!@*, I read your book.” In war  you must spend tremendous effort and time knowing your enemy. The […]

Netanyahu Hits Grand Slam; Obama Fouls Out

Fellow Infidels, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a wonderful speech earlier this week in front of a joint session of Congress. The speech was a grand slam.  Netanyahu’s superior stature as a world leader was extremely obvious, especially when compared to Obama’s apparent lack of understanding of the situation in the Middle East.  I am posting the entire video of […]

Four Ways to Order "Shariah: Threat To America"

Fellow Infidels, Constantine has information about a very important book – that you can obtain for free! Frank Gaffney and his illustrious company of writers have produced the definitive work on Shariah and its insidious threat to the American legal system and to the larger society. Published in 2010 by the Center for Security Policy, Gaffney […]

Jihad Has Been Declared on America, Citizens Organize

Fellow Infidels, ACT! for America chapters are popping up all over the nation.  Here is a story chronicling citizens’ efforts to organize and educate people about the dangers of radical Islam.  It actually appeared in a newspaper from a neighboring state.  The name has been changed to protect the innocent from Islamic terror and threats.  We […]

Taqiyya – Lying for the Sake of Allah

Constantine is on a roll……enjoy The Arabic word Taqiyya literally means lying, concealing or guarding. In a more literal sense it is about disguising one’s beliefs, convictions, opinions or strategies with the intention of misleading a kafir about the real truth of Islam.   Taqiyya was born in the tribal milieu of the Arabic clans. […]