Islam And Human Rights: Never The Twain Shall Meet

Fellow infidels, Recently, the Organization of Islamic Congress forced a resolution through the United Nations Human Rights Council denouncing  “defamation of religions.” Translated, this means that they do not want anyone to tell the truth about the horrendous human rights violations that occur in Islamic countries under Sharia Law.  They will kill you if you point out that […]

In Their Own Words

For those who think the threat of Sharia Law is a figment of the conservative mind, please continue reading. On March 3 radical British Islamists plan on having a demonstration in front of the White House demanding that the American people adopt Sharia as the law of the land superseding the U.S. Constitution.   Anjem […]

Anjem Choudary and the Muslim Day of Rage

March 3 has been designated the Muslim Day of Rage by that great muslim holy man, Anjem Choudary. Mr. Choudary, a British citizen, is proposing coming to Washington on that day to urge the adoption of Sharia law for America (fat chance). He has prophesied that the flag of Islam will soon fly over the Capitol. […]

Choudary Wants To Force American Women To Wear Burkas

Fellow infidels, The devil with the British accent has escaped the loony bin again.  Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary, who has said that all women, even non-Muslim women, should wear burkas, is planning a Muslim “Day of Rage” at the White House on March 3.  He is the same Muslim cleric that said that the Islamic […]

Sharia and the VIII Amendment

The VIII Amendment of the U.S. Constitution reads as follows:   “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”   Let’s see how punishments are meted out under the barbaric Sharia legal system. Please bear with me the list is way, way too long.   Sawing off human heads for apostasy […]

The Threat of Sharia Finance

On the surface Sharia finance sounds like a great idea. Muslims are not allowed to invest in gambling, tobacco, alcohol, pork products, art work or any Haram (forbidden) business. Muslims cannot receive interest from their investments. Instead a group of Imams decide which charities (zakat) to donate the returns. Sounds like the newest green mutual fund. […]

Multiculturalism Is Code For "Slavery To Islam"

Fellow infidels, Slavery was abolished in America 150 years ago.  However, radical Islam is making great strides in bringing slavery back on a worldwide scale, mainly thorough violence and intimidation.  Our political leaders have sold out to the Marxist idea of “multiculturalism” and the result has been an emboldening of radical Islamic jihadists who want […]

Multiculturalism's Death Is Long Overdue

Fellow infidels, French President Nicolas Sarkozy recently said what many in his country have known all along – that multiculturalism is a total and utter failure.  He is not the first European leader to go against Politically Correct “rules,” though.  His criticism is part of a growing trend amongst European leaders as they realize that […]

Wisdom From The Past

From seventy-five years ago comes the words of the greatest statesman of the Twentieth Century.   Winston S. Churchill rallied the British Commonwealth and eventually the entire freedom-loving world to fight the evils of totalitarian Nazi fascism. The present time and the 1930s share many similarities.  Then the world faced the growing Nazi menace.  Today, we face the […]