A Plea for Unity

Since Representative Peter King earlier announced he would hold hearings on radical Islam strange developments have occurred. Members of the counter-Jihad community have basically stated that such hearings are futile and should be abandoned. Some are upset that Rep. King is calling moderate Muslims to testify.   We must rally around Rep. King. We must […]

The Results Of Mr. Obama's Apology Tour

A mere 19 months ago President Obama embarked on an apology tour to the Muslim world.  In a speech given in Cairo, Egypt on June 4, 2009, Mr. Obama gushed glowingly in praise of all the wonderful contributions made to the world by Islam.  But he apologized profusely for the way the United States displayed […]

Muslim Student Association Raising A Radical Army?

 Fellow Infidels, What is the Muslim Student Association up to these days?  An anonymous informant for Atlasshrugs who attended the recent MSA Western Conference in California says they are “raising an army.”  Be sure to check out the poster from the conference. The MSA, which has a chapter at Arkansas State University, is rabidly anti-Semitic according […]

Yes, Virginia, Stoning Is Allowed By Islam

Fellow Infidels, “Anyone who knows about Islam knows that stoning is in the Koran, and that it is Islamic law.”  This statement was put forth by a Taliban spokesman in response to the gruesome stoning of a couple in Afghanistan recently, as posted on The Blaze.  This “stoning party” was reminiscent of ancient Rome where Christians […]

Dr. Warner – Champion Of Liberty

We continue to receive more malarkey from Islamists about the compatibility of Sharia with American law.  There is no common ground between Sharia and the U.S. Constitution.  In fact, Sharia contradicts totally the principles of equality, justice, and fairness found in our Constitution. Dr. Bill Warner has written an excellent summary of Islamic law titled […]

Muslim Student Association Conference Exposes Radicals

Fellow Infidels, The recent Muslim Student Association western conference at UCLA confirmed what we already knew – that the MSA is a radical and dangerous organization. Pajamas Media did a terrific job exposing the group’s terrorist problem.  In a post on Atlas Shrugs, one of many informants who infiltrated the meeting calling himself “Hogrider,” reported some disturbing things that were said during this conference. […]

Wouldn't It Be Nice…..

In 1966 the Beach Boys released their hit single about the frustrations of American youth in that long ago era.  Constantine (with apologies to the Beach Boys) needs to express his frustrations with radical Islamists, so here goes. *  Wouldn’t it be nice if Jews and Christians could build synagogues and churches in Saudi Arabia, […]

Satan-Inspired Sharia Law Imprisons Women

Fellow Infidels, If Sharia Law controls every minute aspect of a Muslim’s life, and Islam claims to be the “Religion of Peace,” then why aren’t Muslim women protected from abuse by Muslim men?  And why are men the beneficiaries and women the victims of Sharia’s sexual laws?  These are questions that Nonie Darwish asks in her recent book titled “Cruel […]

New Ground Zero Imam Promotes Sharia Law

  Fellow Infidels, Do the Islamists who pushed for the victory mosque at Ground Zero in New York think they have pulled the wool over America’s eyes by switching radical imams?  Americans who pay attention are not fooled, and we are officially alerting the rest of America to this atrocity.  Shaykh Abdullah Adhami, the imam who […]

Molly Norris Should Not Be Forgotten

For all intents and purposes, Molly Norris does not exist anymore. One day she was living a normal life, and the next day it was like she never existed.  The reason that the Seattle-based cartoonist had to “go ghost” was that she proposed an “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.”  Notorious jihadist Anwar Al-Awlaki issued a fatwa against Ms. Norris. The radical […]