Muslim Student Association To Host Koran Study At Arkansas State University

Fellow infidels, Just an update on the activities of the Muslim Student Association at Arkansas State University.  In addition to the continuing “Come Home…To Islam” series on the campus of ASU, the MSA has begun a Koran Study Circle.  Free copies of the Koran will be distributed “to those interested.”  Interestingly, they say in their announcement […]

The God We Serve

Someone once remarked that we become in some small measure like the God we worship.  In the Judeo-Christian tradition most of us worship a God who personifies truth, beauty, goodness and forgiveness.  As followers of this God we are challenged to become people who embody these values.  None of us accomplish these goals completely. Indeed, […]

Al-Qaeda May Put Bombs In Christmas Toys

According to a story in The Times of India, Al-Qaida’s chief bomb maker Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri is reportedly planting bombs in gift toys, which would be timed to explode once the toys are in stores in the UK for Christmas.   British and American intelligence experts uncovered the plot recently.  Apparently, the infidel’s Christmas holiday season is too enticing […]

Muslim Group With Radical Ties Active On Campus Of Arkansas State University

Fellow infidels, Despite the rhetoric of far-left commentators, the vast majority of Americans are extremely tolerant and respectful of other cultures.  Tolerance ceases to become a viable option, though, when  Americans are faced with groups who promote Islamic terrorism and an anti-American agenda.  Tolerance does not require citizens to aid in their own demise, nor the […]

Update on ASU's Muslim Student Association

Fellow infidels, The Arkansas State University Muslim Student Association has taken down the flyer from their website regarding the first lecture in their “Come Home…To Islam” series, but the ASU Daily Digest still has the announcement posted.  Apparently, MSA does not want to draw too much attention to themselves as they know they are in “bitter clinger” […]

Muslim Student Association Looking For Converts At Arkansas State University

Greetings fellow infidels, Were you aware that there is a Muslim Student Association on the campus of Arkansas State University? And were you aware that they have just started up a new series of lectures that began tonight at the ASU Student Union?  Here is what was on their website: Upcoming event!!   If you […]

Sharia Undermines the 3rd Amendment

The purpose of the 3rd Amendment is to stop the old British practice of quartering troops in private homes.  This was done in both times of peace as well as war in the thirteen colonies.  The purpose of this practice was insidious. It transferred the expense of the maintenance of troops from the Crown to […]