Professor wouldn't "mind" being Muslim

Even so-called educated people are ignorant about Sharia law. A female professor at Arkansas State University, who shall remain nameless, once told me that she wouldn’t “mind” being Muslim.  Wow!  That sounds like she can put on and take off different religions like she would a pair of pants or a shirt.  Her liberalism has […]

U.S. Constitution is not Sharia compliant

Iman Feisal Abdul Rauf, the iman at the center of the controversy over the Ground Zero Mosque in New York, must be losing sleep over the matter.  I say this because I know that lack of sleep causes a loss of mental sharpness. With all the radical things Rauf is saying, he must be WAY behind […]

Hardhats Refuse to Build Monument to Murder

A grass-roots movement that was started by New York construction workers is gaining steam.  In a story  by Samuel Goldsmith in the New York Daily, workers are vowing not to hammer a single nail for the mosque planned near Ground Zero.  The “Hard Hat Pledge” is the brainchild of one of these workers.  He placed […]

Nutty Pelosi Wants Critics of Ground Zero Mosque Investigated

Even though I know better, I still wake up every morning and think that the far-left nutcases cannot possibly become any kookier.  And I am always proven wrong.  Speaker Pelosi regularly makes dumb remarks, but has really outdone herself this time.  She wants to investigate “how the opposition to the mosque is being funded.”  This lady has […]

Victory Mosque gets go ahead

Despite protests against building a mosque at Ground Zero, on August 3 the Landmarks Preservation Commission  gave their approval for the Ground Zero mosque to go full steam ahead.  The mosque would be a symbol of victory over America in the eyes of Muslims around the world.  Even Muslims know this if they choose to admit the truth, […]